7 best things to eat for women

Being a woman has undoubtedly privileges, one of them is that of longevity. A woman on average 5-7 years more than a man. However, a woman’s life becomes very difficult after menopause and put her health at risk more thanks to the drastic hormonal changes that it undergoes. With the end of childhood, girls have […]

Five mistakes we made after eating

Habits that we have are not easy to resolve, but when they affect our health and overall we feel good and we must make an effort to avoid some of them. Among them the following five mistakes that we all should not do after a meal: 1. Go to sleep If you lie down to […]

Milk consumption protects against bowel cancer

Regular consumption of milk protects against the risk of developing colon cancer. US researchers have discovered this and analyzed data from almost 500 thousand persons collected from previous studies. Results of the analysis have shown that people who consume 400 ml of milk every day cut the risk by 12% to be affected by this […]

Why smartphones are leaving us without sleep?

A significant number of people are having problems with insomnia or have difficulties in sleeping. This number is growing one and of the main causes are smartphones. Many of us spend a lot of time during the day checking social networks or e-mail during the day through our smart devices. It does not end there, […]

Boiled egg diet: Lose 10 pounds in 14 days

If you want to lose weight fast, a diet which the spotlight has boiled eggs, may be appropriate for you. Although this diet contains a small number of different products, it proved that is sufficient to speed up metabolism and burn fat, reports Telegraph. Also, if you continue to eat healthy even after the diet, […]

Drink tomato juice for 2 months, and the results were stunning

We all know and believe in the powerful benefits of tomatoes and there are many reasons it is considered one of the super-foods. However, to explore all the beneficial effects, experts from the University of Taiwan have decided to conduct an experiment. We all know and believe in the powerful benefits of tomatoes and there […]

Reasons of menstrual cycle disorders

  Do you have delays on your periods? The first thing you should consider is pregnant. If this is excluded, you must pay attention to other causes related to the use of birth control pills or entering menopause. One of the side effects of taking these pills in low doses is the disruption of the […]

No pharmacist will admit: This is the only true remedy for bones!

It helps the thyroid gland diseases, gastritis, decubitus and blood. Calcium has many important functions in the body work. Besides that creates bone mass and prevents osteoporosis, calcium normalizes the nerves and muscles work, regulates heartbeat, promotes sleep … Also important is the work of immune cells, as well as healthy skin and hair, reports […]

How to Avoid insomnia?

  If you suffer from insomnia at night, perhaps you may be more trouble than you think. Insomnia is terrible for your body, especially for the mind. The after affects concentration and later causes insomnia and depression and physical pain. It is very important for you to improve your quality of sleep that you’re healthier […]

If you eat food in the dark, you will lose weight

  The team of German researchers has published the results of research which shows that those who eat in the dark, nine percent consume less food than in the situation when they see food. Of course, when we look at which food appetite, reports Telegraph. When you eat in the dark, eat food 9 percent […]

Foods that balance hormones and slow down the aging process!

Diet plays a key role in balancing the hormone levels in the body, thus controlling mood, energy levels, digestion, metabolism, sexual activity and desire to slow the aging process. Sweet potatoes Surely you know that the majority of the carbohydrates in your diet should be complex, so the body is easier to digest and absorb. […]

Fomentation of hot and cold to relieve the pain?

When you feel pain, sometimes there is a dilemma whether to choose hot compresses or cold, while most of us are quite often wrong choice and have worsened the situation. However, there are guidelines that will prevent errors in the future, reports Telegraph. Heat is good when it comes to long-term and chronic pain, usually […]